weerwi is a mobile application that will help you track your menstrual cycle so you can get to know yourself better (know what’s going on in your body) and live this phase to the full.

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Presenting Weerwi

WeerWi are great tools to discover and follow your menstrual cycle

Mobile App

An app to track your menstrual cycle, fertility period, discover all you need to know on the menstrual cycle and test your knowledge


To ask questions about the menstrual cycle discreetly


A booklet for girls to discover their period and the menstrual cycle

Multimedia content

Series for teenagers and their entourage.

Workshop & training

Information on menstrual health for girls and women.

Our mobile app

WeerWi app is designed to help girls and women discover and track their menstrual cycle


Key features of the application

Discover your cycle

Know yourself better, understand what is happening in your body

Follow & Calculate

Note the signs you observe & follow your cycle to predict your next period, fertility period and moods


Test your knowledge as you discover WeerWi

Ask questions

Ask all your questions on the menstrual cycle in writing or by phone


A diary just for you, to write down how you feel every day

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