weerwi is a mobile application that will help you track your menstrual cycle so you can get to know yourself better (know what’s going on in your body) and live this phase to the full.

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What is menstrual insecurity?

A woman menstruates on average 2,000 days in her life and will need 10,000 sanitary pads. But not all women have access to clean, safe toilets or the means to buy pads. This is what is known as “menstrual insecurity”.

Unfortunately, menstrual insecurity has many negative effects on young girls and women:
they often miss school or work during their period because they have no pads and no access to decent toilets
They keep the same sanitary pad for too long, which leads to infections.
To pay for their pads, some girls have to work, sometimes even prostitute themselves. Other girls go without food or steal.

If you find yourself in one of these situations, try to talk to someone you trust (a relative, school nurse, etc.). And above all, don’t be ashamed of your situation – many women around the world are going through the same thing as you. Take the time to find out all you can about Weerwi, ask your questions and share your problems with your friends – together we’re stronger.

Source : Aïssatou Ndahté Cisse