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What is premenstrual syndrome?

The menstrual cycle is made up of 4 phases: menstruation, the pre-ovulatory phase, ovulation and the premenstrual phase.

This 4th and final phase takes place just before the menstruation, and is known as the premenstrual phase, often referred to as “premenstrual syndrome” (or PMS). This is the time when we really feel the effect of hormone variations on our body and our emotions.

During this phase, the body prepares to welcome the menstrual time, or if fertilisation has taken place, a baby. It produces numerous hormones, which create symptoms that vary from woman to woman.

The premenstrual phase is often synonymous with the appearance of pimples, stomachaches or headaches, tiredness, irritability and swollen breasts. When you slow down during this phase and take a little care of yourself, these unpleasant symptoms often diminish.

Few people realise it, but this premenstrual phase is also the ideal time to make decisions, assert your ideas and be effective.

Source: Toubibadakar