weerwi is a mobile application that will help you track your menstrual cycle so you can get to know yourself better (know what’s going on in your body) and live this phase to the full.

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Legal notice

The « Weerwi » application is made available to the public by the publisher : APIAFRIQUE SAS

Registered office : Rond point de Ngaparou, route de Somone, 23003 Ngaparou

RCCM registration number : RC SN THS 2017 B 4018 2X1

NINEA : 00651 2885

Share capital : 10 000 000 XOF

Postal box : Town : Ngaparou

Telephone number : 77 831 2908

E-mail address : contact@apiafrique.com

Director or co-director of publication : Marina Gning

Managing editor: (.)

E-mail address : contact@weerwi.com

CDP declaration number (.)

Developer : IT4LIFE SARL

Address : Route de l’aéroport, rue NG96 Ngor Daka

P.O. Box : 66003

E-mail : contact@weerwi.com

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